[BOOK 1] War & Peace - Bogan Translation


PAPERBACK, 200 Pages - Released: August 6, 2019

Finally, after 150 years, Tolstoy's epic masterpiece 'War & Peace' has been translated into Bogan Australian.

Early 1800s Russia wouldn’t be all that bad a place to live, if it weren’t for all the social protocol and that bloody Napoleon bastard, trying to invade the place.

In this new translation, Ander Louis has faithfully reconstructed Tolstoy’s epic masterpiece, line for line, in a style the modern reader can understand. Finally, after 150 years, War & Peace is available in Bogan Australian.

Project Outline
This is not a parody. This is not a spoof. This is a faithful translation - line for line - unabridged. Experience Tolstoy's 2000 page, 500 character epic, in a language the modern Australian can understand. (Note: This is Book 1 of 16)

Release Schedule
Originally serialised into 16 books, this project will follow the same release model, with a view to complete the project (all 16 parts) by the end of 2020.

Book 1 contains 28 chapters (Approximately 50,000 words)

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