A Duet For Swans, Book 1 (The Home Between Homes) - Paperback Novel



The Home Between Homes
A Duet For Swans, Book 1 (Paperback Novel, 213 pages, Ages 10+)

In the remote town of Wintershire, sixteen-year-old sorcerer Alex feels his power growing beyond his control and fears that if he doesn't find a mentor soon, his magical abilities may become a dangerous burden not worth bearing.

Book One of A Duet For Swans follows Alex as he travels across the land in a magically hovering tugboat on a quest to find the ocean, and to find his true family. Accompanied by Grace - the girl who wouldn't let him embark on the adventure alone - their beloved tugboat will soon become a haven for many others seeking passage to the east - some less welcome than others.

But when town elder Mr Shrew requests that they take a dangerous detour to deliver a mysterious letter, their idyllic and peaceful adventure turns to one of darkness and treachery.